July 28, 2013

Free Zombie Books for July 28, 2013

This Week's Free Zombie Books

The free zombie books page is open all types of zombie fiction. Each free zombie book is accompanied by a short excerpt from summary information or reviews.

The Hunger Chronicles
by Tess Hilaire
If you remember nothing else, remember this…

The nightmare is here. There is no way out. Even death isn’t an escape because it is death. And chances are it’s already taken everyone you know.

…You’re on your own.

Just because the face is familiar doesn’t mean they won’t kill you. Hiding won’t help. And it’s past time to run. They’re already here. And hunger is the only thing they feel.

60 pages

Sundered: The Nevermore Trilogy Book 1
Shannon Mayer
They were promised weight loss, the cure for Cancer, Parkinson's Disease and infertility; they were promised hope.

The side effects were anything but hopeful.

Mara and Sebastian are young, in love and newlyweds.Far too soon, they will face tests to their love that most others won't survive. Their bond strengthens with each loss, destruction and unbearable race against time. In each other, they find the will and hope to endure. Hand in hand, they will face the darkening of humanity with strength and integrity and an undeniable spirit to survive; together.

422 pages

Glory- Book One
by Michael McManamon

Faced with the threat of people who have mysteriously changed into crazed zombie-like maniacs, and the dangers of a world with no electricity or running water, no government or protective services, those who haven't turned are forced to come to grips with all that has happened and try to find a way to survive.

Follow as they make their way through the new world, attempting to survive the apocalypse.

197 pages

Stay Dead
by Steve Wands

A band of road-weary survivors struggling to find refuge from the living dead.

A family sticking together, barricaded in their home while the living dead besiege the town.

Scientists working under the thumb of the United States government in the Mount Weather Special Facility are trying desperately to understand why the dead are returning to life, and they might have found out why…

238 pages

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