November 28, 2013

Arisen, Book One: Fortress Britain

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Glynn James and Michael Stephen Fuchs

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"A world fallen - under a plague of seven billion walking dead.

A tiny island nation - the last refuge of the living.

One team - of the world's most elite special operators."
 "They must cross the Atlantic aboard the world's only remaining supercarrier, insert by air into the very middle of a dead continent, and then fight their way on foot through a city of 3 million ravening dead guys. But these Zulus will not be like any zombies they have ever fought before..."

Fortress Britain holds 50 million survivors of the zombie apocalypse.  From their enclosed city, they must face 7 billion walking corpses. Luckily, Fortress Britain also holds a team of superior commandos.

When the fall of civilization inevitably came, the Alpha Team was already in place. Its members were determined and unstoppable. An international team of elite Special Ops, these skilled soldiers were preparing for a mission against international terrorism. Little did they know, the terror was greater than they could have imagined.

Alpha team is humanity's last best hope for survival. They search through the detritus of fallen Europe. They scavenge pharmaceutical labs for clues to a vaccine that might bring humanity back from the brink. Now they are tasked with one last desperate operation.


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