February 11, 2014


Today's Free  Zombie Book 

Danny King

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The world has been taken over by zombies. Cities lie in ruins. Small pockets of humanity remain.
But none of this can stop Jake Trundle from solving the biggest case of his career because Jake Trundle is also a zombie. And somewhere deep within the recesses of his long dead brain flicker the embers of the last case he was working before the world turned to hell. And now he is compelled to solve it for all eternity, or at least until New Orleans falls down around his ears.

He doesn’t know why, he doesn’t know how and he doesn’t know much of anything when the smell of fresh meat is on the wind. But he’s going to solve this case anyway. Even if it kills him all over again. 

Jake Trundle is a zombie. But he was a detective first. And nothing can take that away from him.


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