February 20, 2014


Today's Free  Zombie Book 

K. Bartholomew

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A tourist is bitten by a rare monkey while on safari in Kenya. She is flown home but later dies from her infection. Soon, the hospital is on lockdown following an incident with a patient. Within hours, the city of Leeds is being attacked by hordes of people who appear drugged up and deranged. Days later, the north of England undergoes rioting and cannibalism for unknown reasons.

Zacharias Sterling, the British Prime Minister meanwhile struggles to take a lead on the developing situation in his country. Zombies are supposed to be a thing of Hollywood, yet here they are in England, ravaging their way across the nation.

Zombie Takeover shows the zombie apocalypse from the point of view of a typical incompetent Prime Minister. Pray he’s not in charge when the inevitable apocalypse arrives.


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