April 27, 2014


Today's Free  Zombie Book 

Scott Becker

Muscle Cars, Big Guns, Inbred Hillbillies, Explosions, Moonshine Liquor, Zombie Whores, Even Bigger Guns, Chickens, and the Great and Terrible Oz...

Three years have passed since the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse which has laid human civilization low as undead hoards roll over the land like a tsunami of biting teeth and clawing hands.

Life is very different now, especially for the rural pockets of humanity that are cut off from the rest of what remains of the “civilized” world. People do whatever they can and must to survive...yet in some ways, life goes on as it always has as the survivors learn to adapt, reestablish some sense of order, and return a degree of normalcy to their lives. So it is in a small town in the Pacific Northwest. People have gotten back to the task of living life. From the ashes, many have rebuilt families, established homesteads, trade with one another for the things they need, and even get back to being good neighbors once again…always with the zombie menace casting a long shadow over everything.


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