May 22, 2014

2000 AD by Nick Sanders

Today's Free  Zombie Book 

Nick Sanders

Two agents race against time to stop a virus that was supposed to put an end to cancer and MRSA but when released into the general population threatens the existence of every single living creature on the planet.

Just hours later, the global epidemic known as the Z20 virus has paralysed humanity, mutating it into something monstrous.

Jenny is a contestant in the Big Brother House. The biggest dread she has is being away from her beloved fiancĂ© Richard for what will potentially be weeks. When the lights go out in the house the last thought in Jenny’s mind is that there are no viewers watching the series, and that the studio in which it is being filmed has been overrun with the undead, and that she and her fiancĂ© are soon to become one of the last few survivors of this outbreak in the UK.


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