June 3, 2014

Free Zombie Books Blog Update

Hello Friends:

The free zombie books blog has been in existence about a year now. Over that time period, I've explored different options for posting.  

I haven't hit on the perfect formula yet. 

Based on the stats for this blog, I know there is a small but fairly stable group of readers who visit regularly. In case you are wondering, this page of the blog gets around a thousand hits each month. I think that means it is worth explaining myself when I make a change. 

I don't officially review or endorse the choices I present, but I do make judgments.  I want the books you find here to be worthy of your time and attention.  I use my first impressions to decide if a book is suitable to post here. Before I post a book, I examine the appearance of the cover and the overall tone of reviews. I check the first few pages for correct English grammar and usage. I also consider the author's online persona or reputation.  Finally, I look to see that what I am posting constitutes a whole BOOK-- not an excerpt or a short story.

Many of the books I put here are new, unknown, or "rough" in some ways. I don't mind that. As far as I can tell, neither do you.  But there is a limit.  In order to bring you reasonable choices every single day, I'd have to compromise my guidelines or start repeating posts more often than I'd like. I don't want to do that.  

So, I keep looking for the right posting schedule.  Weekly is not often enough. Daily is too often.  

My solution: Free Zombie Books will add new books on Monday and Friday each week. The other sections of the blog are updated Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  That makes for a nice, solid schedule. At least for now. 

Incidentally, this summer, I will be moving things around a little to make each part of the blog more clearly focused.  You'll see a few changes in the other sections of the blog. You'll also see more posts from me. Some will be explanatory, like this one. Others will be more focused on the zombie genre. Some of them may even be reviews. I think I MIGHT be developing a clear enough sense of the genre to form some credible opinions.  More about that as the summer progresses. 

I'd love to hear your responses and opinions, if you care to comment. Maybe you have a better idea?

As always, I'm eager to support zombie authors and enhance the zombie genre.