June 20, 2014


Today's Free  Zombie Book 

 S.A. Lusher

213 pages. 48 total reviews. 25 5-star ratings.
This book has been reviewed by Sherry Clifton and A. A.  Henderson

How terrifying would it be to wake up with no memories? How much worse would it get if you happened to be in a crashed vessel full of corpses?

For Greg Bishop, this nightmare has just become a reality. With nothing but his name and a pistol, he escapes into the rainy darkness of the wastelands surrounding him.

Stumbling to a nearby outpost, expecting to find help and some clues to this mystery he's found himself in, Greg instead discovers a new level of terror. Something has gone incredibly wrong in the area. As he begins searching the base, he realizes that something inhuman is waiting for him...


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