July 25, 2014


Daniel White

142 pages. 20 customer reviews. 9 5-star ratings

http://www.amazon.com/Zombie-Outbreak-Surviving-Nightmare-Book-ebook/dp/B008RA8M32/?tag=juleromans-20Terror strikes a government building when it suddenly becomes the target of an unthinkable attack.

 Zombies attack seemingly out of nowhere and the witnesses are ordered to leave at gunpoint. When Eric Bayne does as ordered, only to find that the zombie attack wasn’t a onetime occurrence, he is forced to face a terrible truth. The zombie apocalypse has truly come to pass.

Knowing that life will never be normal again, everyone has to make the choice to survive or give up.

Eric Bayne chooses to fight and survive at all costs. His journey to battle the odds takes him down a darker road than he ever imagined. Can he fight the inevitable and win or will he end up just another mindless creature?


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