June 30, 2015

JUST US by Robert Reade

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Robert Reade

86 pages

6 Customer reviews
5 5-star ratings

Book Summary:

"An out of the ordinary zombie tale.
In the not too distant future, the zombie apocalypse has come and gone. Since no more humans are left, take a tour of what remains through the perspective of four different zombies, each in a different phase of their afterlife.

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Death is different for everyone, but it still can make one recognize the things they love, or hate, even if they are dead just like everyone else. Find out the one secret that these zombies share and what they will do when they discover they can save themselves?"

Author's Comment:

I am a zombie enthusiast and fully admit that I met several good lifelong friends bonding over classic horror films and monsters. I wrote this book as an ode to them.


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