July 12, 2015

INFECTED FREAKS by Jason Borrego

Jason Borrego

138 pages

14 Customer reviews
11 5-star ratings


Book Summary: 

Where do you go when everything in the world is destroyed?
Who do you trust when each survivor is a wolf in sheepskin?
And how do you stop something you know so little about?

Armageddon began the day Red Dead entered the solar system. Fear leads to blame, blame leads to choosing sides--and both sides have bombs. Civil War in America turned into a worldwide conflict, leaving the planet in a new dark age.

Nothing has stirred about in the ravaged mountains for two years. Abraham's heart is broken save the fading hope of bringing his lost children home. He sets out without a destination searching for signs of life--what he finds is something infected.

Living husks riddled in fungus and straight out of a nightmare threaten the region. No one knows if the parasitic fungal outbreak is some sort of zombie created in a lab or something alien, related to the approaching red planet.


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