August 2, 2015

NANO-Z by Brad Knight

Brad Knight

250 pages

50 Customer reviews
29  5-star ratings

Book Summary:
Genetically engineered nanobots, designed to cure sickness and regenerate dead cells. Taken one step too far...

Sitting alone at a diner, Mack hears the first bone-chilling screams. In the ensuing chaos he frantically defends against ravenous creatures intent on eating him alive.

While desperately trying to escape, he comes across Amber, a teenage girl whose parents are lying in a pool of blood. Forced together by circumstance, Mack reluctantly protects her as they flee through lawless lands, trying to stay one step ahead of the relentless undead.

With their options running out, Mack discovers that surviving in this new world will require hard choices and extreme sacrifices. And ultimately, if one of them is to survive, it may mean making the greatest sacrifice of all...

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